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May 31, 2018

Arts and activism at Roskilde Festival


Chelsea Manning talking about activism, Jenny Hval with a reading and concert, Alexandra Pirici with a robot performance, Donald Trump's border walls 10 metres into the air. There's plenty of art and plenty of activism to look forward to at Roskilde Festival 2018.


It has long been known that Donald Trump is planning on constructing massive walls along the border to Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants from entering America. When the 100,000 festival-goers at Roskilde Festival enter the festival site, they will be confronted with four massive copies of the wall prototypes, each 10 metres tall and six metres wide - just like the original prototypes.


They will be located close to the festival's iconic Orange Stage as a huge installation, sparking debate and reflection in combination with Roskilde Festival's general focus on equality.


Signe Brink Wehl, Head of Roskilde Festival's Arts & Activism programme, says:


"The art at Roskilde Festival is about inspiring and perhaps even provoking a debate and conversation about art and what's going on in the world around us. President Trump's walls are both highly aesthetic and frightening. They're relevant on a global scale, both politically and symbolically, making them obvious inclusions at Roskilde Festival where art and activism go hand in hand. They will both disrupt and engage the festival-goers, and we hope they will encourage debates and conversations about the globalised world."


KlubRÅ returns, bigger and bolder

KlubRÅ will be back at Roskilde Festival 2018 in collaboration with Tuborg. KlubRÅ premiered last year as the festival's fusion of music and art, and this year it will be twice as big, offering performances, concerts, video art, installations, poetry, DJ sets and much more. 


KlubRÅ is about limits, especially the technological and bodily ones, a place where artforms mix and breed new genres that aim to challenge our ideas of gender, identity and sexuality.


Festival-goers can look forward to performances by acclaimed artist Alexandra Pirici and Justin Shoulder & Corin, concerts and DJ sets by Jenny Hval's Lost Girls (she will also do a book reading), new Danish darling Yangze and When Saints Go Machine singer Nikolaj Vonsild's synth trio KhalilH2OP. South African duo Faka, American artists Juliana Huxtable and Flex Dance Music will mix genres in new ways, and electronic artist Lotic will blur the lines between high culture and pop culture with dancer Roderick George.


The name KlubRÅ literally translates to 'club raw', promising extraordinary and intimate experiences while referring to the organic Tuborg Rå beer that was developed for Roskilde Festival.


Anticapitalist serpents and data weather vanes
More than 100 arts and activism projects and experiences will engage the festival-goers at the Danish non-profit festival.


Jillian Mayer's Slumpies installations are adapted to our modern way of managing smartphones, Oskar Koliander's 'weather vanes' will forecast according to the data you give them, and architect group Sano's path system will guide you through Art Zone in its own peculiar way.


Festival-goers can join a loud parade with a 25-metre anticapitalist serpent, led by Scottish duo Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich, or they can debate with former whistleblower Chelsea Manning or climate activist Tuina Nikienta Olivier.


Focus on economic equality

Several of the experiences are connected to the festival's focus on equality.
American artist coalition Gulf Labor Coalition look into the slave-like working conditions for migrant workers in the culture industry, Oxfam IBIS will host tax evasion bingo, and DanChurchAid will organise an equality football tournament on a highly unfair football field.


The full art programme is now ready with more than 100 art experiences. Read much more about the projects on roskilde-festival.dk.


See the full schedule for music and arts


  • Roskilde Festival 2018 lasts a full 8 days and takes place from Saturday 30 June to Saturday 7 July.
  • Tickets are for sale on roskilde-festival.dk.
  • One-day tickets for Saturday 7 July are available. Everything else is sold out.


About Roskilde Festival:


Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit. All profits are donated to cultural and humanitarian purposes by the Roskilde Festival Charity Society. It's right next to the Danish capital of Copenhagen with easy connections from Copenhagen Airport.


With more than 175 music acts in the line-up performing on eight stages and over 100,000 passionate music lovers gathered for a full week, Roskilde Festival is among the most unique music festival experiences in the world. A position the festival has held since the early 1970s.


The full festival journey in Roskilde is an eight-day exploration of music, artistic expression, delicious food, sustainability, love, community and party.

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