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July 2, 2023

Roskilde Festival 2023: A successful new beginning


After years of corona and finally celebrating the 50th Roskilde Festival in 2022, this year's Roskilde Festival has marked a new beginning - the first of the next 50 festivals. An obvious reason to open for new perspectives and give hope to the new generations.


Agenda setting headliners like Lizzo, Caroline Polachek, and a Climate Justice Talk with some of the world's most significant young advocates for sustainability, Louisa Neubauer (Germany), Helena Gualinga (Ecuadorian Amazon), Hilda Flavia Nakabuye (Uganda), and Selma de Montgomery (DK) was part of the programme wrapping up this year's Roskilde Festival Saturday night.

A festival that fully reached its ambition to unfold dreams and to inspire and promote new visions and hopes for the future.

Signe Lopdrup, Roskilde Festival's CEO, says:


"This year, we have had a special focus on ensuring that Roskilde Festival continues to be the strong platform for youth culture that we have been for the past 50 years. Not just for our own sake, but also for the sake of new generations.


"We live in a time characterized by serious crises, and this affects the new generations. When developing this year's festival, we were told again and again that young people find it hard to imagine a positive future.

Being the kind of festival we are, we consider it part of our responsibility to do something about that. And we believe that we can do it - through art, community and the way we build and live at Roskilde Festival we want to give back hope to young people.


Also, we were not sure if the young participants would come back after corona. But they did. Roskilde Festival 2023 turned out to be exactly the new beginning, we dreamed of and hoped for."


Lil Nas X and oyster meditations
The guests at Roskilde have had the opportunity to experience a diverse programme.

From queer icon Lil Nas X performing at the festival's largest stage to a brand new performance piece created specifically for Roskilde Festival by the acknowledged artist and choreographer Marikiscrycrycry, all acts and events have put the spotlight on the hope of creating a more united and inclusive world.

The guests have had the chance to taste food from every corner of the world. Take part in oyster meditations, talks, workshops on critical and political poetry, and rap battles about human rights. And much more...

"Inclusiveness and diversity are important for the younger generations and for their hopes and dreams for the future. Both when it comes to respecting each other and the world in a larger sense. As a festival that wants to reflect and inspire those dreams, one of our most important tasks is to present this diversity and inclusiveness," Signe Lopdrup says.

During eight days, Roskilde Festival has presented no less than 205 acts, and a lot of artists, writers, performers, speakers, grafitti painters and architects who have all contributed to the full programme.


Profits donated to charity

Signe Lopdrup expects Roskilde Festival 2023 to generate a profit of approximately 13-15 million DKK.


Being a non profit festival, all profits will be donated to initiaves and organizations supporting the possibilities and dreams of young people.


Roskilde Festival 2024 takes place from 29 June - 6 July.


Here you can find more information about Roskilde Festival 2023

Since 1971, Roskilde Festival has brought together generations of young people around music, art and community. Roskilde Festival is organised by the Roskilde Festival Charity Society and is created by 30,000 volunteers. All profits from the festival are donated to humanitarian, non-profit and cultural work for the benefit of especially children and young people. Over the years, Roskilde Festival has generated more than EUR 57 million for charity.

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