Press Release October 13, 2020

massimo Earth Bamboo in the colour nougat rose, 170 x 240 cm, recommended retail price EUR 1,135


massimo – rugs for fantastic interiors


The basis of a great space

Rugs are becoming an increasingly strong presence in interior design, and FRIDAY are delighted to be able to announce its new partnership with the Danish high-end brand massimo.


As many of us are withdrawing from public spaces, we are taking the opportunity to invite friends and family into our homes - and letting our personalities shine through in our unique personalised interiors.


This opens up for endless possibilities of patterns and contrasting colours - with a strong focus on tactility and deep-pile rugs with built-in 'grounding'. A well-chosen rug can easily become a stunning focal point in any interior space. 

We have handpicked three stylish suggestions for the perfect massimo rug that will provide both discreet elegance and colourful "hygge" - for many years to come. As always with massimo, the rugs offer a quality that is unsurpassed on the market - as well as being ideal for anyone looking for guaranteed green and sustainable design.


Earth Bamboo is available in 11 colours from classic earth tones to bold and vivid colours.


Priced from EUR 761 to 4,026

Earth Bamboo can be supplied as a wall-to-wall carpet or made to measure at EUR 335 per square metre.

Earth Bamboo

Soft textures, durability and pure nature


Earth Bamboo combines the softest, most lustrous surface with robustness and durability, making sure that the carpet works perfectly in almost any interior. massimo achieves this by blending soft bamboo fibre with New Zealand wool of the highest quality. 


Bamboo grows at lightning speed and requires no fertiliser, while the fibres are extracted and processed mechanically - not chemically. This means that they have a minimal impact on the environment. The result is a yarn with an extraordinary softness and sheen.


massimo mixes equal parts wool and bamboo fibres, creating finished rug with an exceptional level of sturdiness, protecting the rug against wear and tear and pressure marks.


Vintage Kelim

Many small, unique stories told through a single rug


Every Vintage Kelim tells its own unique story. The hand-woven rugs, which massimo upcycles and gives new life, are all between 30 and 50 years old. Originally woven by Turkish women on small tabletop looms, the rugs are just 70-100 cm wide. The narrow strips of rug are combined by massimo to match up dazzling colours and bold patterns. The strips are then sewn together to match the needs of the contemporary home.


The meticulous work to select and combine the rugs makes fantastic sense, as the unique, hand-woven kelim rugs are of exceptionally high quality. They are woven from sheep's and goat's wool, often with added cotton. Because they have been assiduously woven by hand, the rugs are almost indestructible.

massimo has not re-dyed the rugs or otherwise changed the beautiful original colours and patterns. Every Vintage Kelim is unique.


All massimo Vintage Kelim rugs are unique. Price depends on carpet size.

EUR 416 per square metre


massimo Rya is available in four colours - from natural beige to dark nougat brown and charcoal.

Priced from EUR 696 to 1,781 depending on size.


massimo Rya can also be supplied as a wall-to-wall carpet or to order at EUR 297 per square metre.


A sensory experience


'Grounding' - which means sensory reconnection - is something we all need, especially at this time of year. We all dream of coming home, slipping off our shoes and burying our feet deep in a fluffy blanket of the softest, most comforting wool.


In addition to its very special calming qualities, the hand-woven rya rug has an acoustic effect that muffles sound and spreads an air of luxurious tranquillity. As we are spending more and more time at home, this classic is experiencing a true revival. 


massimo Rya is hand-woven in 100 percent New Zealand wool. The rug is both hypoallergenic and fireproof. massimo Rya comes in four natural colours - including a natural cream white and a charcoal black which play into the current trend of mixing natural light and dark colours for great effect in contemporary interiors.


Samples for photos and image materials


The images in this press release can be downloaded in high resolution simply by clicking on them. 


At FRIDAY, we are happy to help with samples for photos and additional image material, and you are always welcome to write to


massimo builds great interiors - one rug at a time

We believe that any interior can be elevated with uplifting colours and pleasant textures.

At massimo we do it one rug at a time and with the greatest of attention to design, quality, sustainability

- and you.

Because all great results start with dialogue, quality and empathy.

For more than 20 years massimo has focused on creating handmade rugs for both private homes, public spaces as well as developers. 

We approach every inquiry with the same attention and curiosity, whether the best solution is one of our signature quality rugs always on stock or a one-of-a kind bespoke rug designed and made especially for the occasion.

We cannot and we will not deny our Scandinavian origin. We have a passion for subtle, natural colour schemes and long-lasting functional design - but are not afraid to challenge and tempt with a bolder, more colourful alternative.

Afterall, a rug is the soul of a room - and some souls are simply more hot-spirited.