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17. januar 2020



Sacho launches Echoes


- new textiles mixes emotions, memories and time


As they travelled around the globe, Design Director Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen and Art Director Vincent Van Duysen allowed elements of the past to combine with a vision of the future, creating textiles that convey the rich patina of history viewed through the lens of the modern world in which we live.

As we see, feel and listen to our environment we are also strongly affected by memories - feelings that add many rich layers of experience and emotion and allow us to build up our own view of the world. These echoes of days gone by were central to the inspiration for the 2020 Sahco collection.

Travel plays its part in the tapestry of our life and here echoes of such far flung trips to Peru, Japan, Morocco and Italy appear, creating an interior world that tells a story of experience and a life lived to the full.


The collection plays with the contrasts between heavy and light weaves, rich textures and sheer transparency. Fine velvets, elegant moirés and
jacquard chenilles evoke the luxury. Whilst glazed cotton and iridescent taffetas bring a modernity to the range to create richly nuanced textile combinations within interiors.

The contemporary feel of textiles inspired by graphic art sits beautifully next to those influenced by Renaissance wall coverings or antique Japanese kimonos. Soft and tactile textures, crisp and papery surfaces with bold designs creates an exciting blend of different materials with distressed finishes and dissolved patterns.

Colours are centred around a natural harmonious base, shades of brown and beige, tobacco and bone white. Highlighted with aqua blues, mint greens and caramel to create a palette of soft and blurred hues that perfectly captures the mix of classic and contemporary for which Sahco is famed.


Vincent Van Duysen
Art Director

Vincent van Duysen was born 1962 in Lokeren,
Belgium. He attended architecture school at the Architecture Institute Saint-Lucas in Ghent and founded his design studio in Antwerp in 1990.
A strong relationship exists between Van Duysen's designs and his architectural projects - he chooses to develop furniture and objects from an architectural perspective - creating spatial relations rather than shapes.
Subsequently, many of the designs refer to essential forms, tradition or well-known masterpieces, which Van Duysen redefines through a contemporary lens. A balance of form and proportion - without omitting durability, function, and comfort - is critical to the design process. Van Duysen embraces these emotional aspects to celebrate 'the art of living'.


Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen
Design Director


With a Masters Degree in Textile Design from Kolding Designskole in 2011, Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen started her career as Design Coordinator in the Product Development department in Kvadrat the same year. In June 2018 she has moved into the role as Design Director Sahco and Head of Design Consumers.
As Design Director Sahco and Head of Design Consumers at Kvadrat, Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen is responsible for developing new textiles and accessories. Inspired by art and fashion, she has a profound insight in the development of yarns and textiles, which transpires in her approach to colour, textures and materials.


Sahco – renowned textiloes since 1831

Sahco's story starts in 1831 when the company's founder decided to build on generations of his family's knowledge of the textile trade and set up his own business in Southern Germany.By the end of the Twentieth Century, the company had worldwide distribution emanating from its new head-quarters in Nuremberg and its showrooms in Paris, London, Milan and Munich.In May 2018, Sahco was acquired by Kvadrat, one of the world's leading design textile companies based in Denmark.


Kvadrat x FRIDAY in Norway

We are extremely proud to present Kvadrat as a new PR partner at FRIDAY. Starting off in a cottage in the Western part of Denmark in 1968,  Kvadrat hs grown into an international brand, encountered everywhere in the world. This makes Kvadrat one of the most exciting Nordic design companies, and we look forward to working with the brand in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
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