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March 30, 2023

Roskilde Festival announces full 2023 line-up with Lizzo, Latto, Loyle Carner and more than 100 new acts


Roskilde Festival 2023 has shared its complete line-up with the addition of Lizzo, Latto, Loyle Carner, Rokia Koné and more than 100 new acts. Previous announcements feature Kendrick Lamar, Lil Nas X, Blur and Rosalía


Northern Europe's biggest festival, Roskilde Festival in Denmark, has completed its 2023 line-up with the announcement of more than 100 acts to this year's billing.


Today Lizzo, Loyle Carner, Rokia Koné and several others have been added to the non-profit festival's 51st edition, which takes place from June 24th to July 1st.


Previous announcements have seen Kendrick Lamar, Lil Nas X, Blur, Christine & the Queens, Burna Boy, Caroline Polachek and others added to the Danish festival.


Roskilde Festivals head of programme, Anders Wahrén, says: 


"Following last year's huge celebration with the 50th edition of Roskilde Festival, we now kick off a new phase. This year's line-up is put together to show that positive change is possible, which makes Lizzo the perfect act to headline our festival and close down our main stage. There is a spiritual connection between her ultimate love party and all the nooks and nuances in our overall line-up, which is notoriously world-class and always exceeds expectations."


See the full festival poster here


Giving life to young dreams

Over the coming years, Roskilde Festival will focus on ways for the festival to inspire and strengthen the ability to envision - and hence create - a better future. Titled UTOPIA, the festival's focus reflects a belief that the best future is a prerequisite for creating a crucial turning point.


This focus will be embedded in the music, arts, talks and activist performances happening throughout the festival, debating, expressing, and creating engagement in topics like the fight for freedom in Iran, inclusion, and modern concepts of masculinity.


Roskilde Festivals programchef, Anders Wahrén, says: 


"Above all, this year's line-up seeks to prove that change is possible, to give hope and inspire to actions in a world that is fiercely challenged. We have taken upon ourselves to help envision a better future."


"We would like to demonstrate to our participants the strength and potential in believing in utopias and dreaming of a better world and future. That belief can arise anywhere at the festival: from Lizzo's outstanding pop party on the Orange Stage to a debate on life-defining struggles for freedom or in a line dance where we all dance to the beat of a common goal."


Today, Roskilde Festival has announced the following 69 music acts:


Lizzo (US)
D-Block Europe (UK)
Latto (US)

Blæst (DK)
Busta Rhymes (US)
Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul (BE)
Electric Wizard (UK)
Greentea Peng (UK)
Loyle Carner (UK)
Rokia Koné (ML)
Two Shell (UK)
Uncle Waffles (ZA)
Yung Lean (SE)

Abji_Hypersun feat. Moraya (INT)
Adédèji (NG)
Afskum (DK)
Animistic Beliefs (NL)
August Rosenbaum (DK)
Aunty Rayzor (NG)
Baby Volcano (INT)
Backxwash (CA)
Big Joanie (UK)
Biig Piig (IE)
Caroline (UK)
Chat Pile (US)
Chupame El Dedo (CO)
Coco Em (KE)
Courtney Marie Andrews (US)
Dal:um (KR)
Dry Cleaning (UK)
Ethel Cain (US)
Fraads (DK)
Francesca Burattelli (DK)
Ghetto Kumbé (CO)
Guldimund (DK)
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley (GH)
Harvey Sutherland (AU)
Ivorian Doll (UK)
Jake Blount (US)
Kassi Valazza (US)
King Kami (BR)
Koloah (UA)
Léon (SE)
Liniker (BR)
Luedji Luna (BR)
Lyra Valenza (DK)
Metteson (NO)
Militarie Gun (US)
Minyo Crusaders (JP)
Newa (GE)
Pankisi Ensemble (GE)
Phloem (DK)
Piri (UK)
Pongo (AO)
Rachel Noon (US)
Ruslan Mays (UA)
Shaé Universe (NG)
Sisso & Maiko + Rehema & Asher Tajiri (INT)
Siti Muharam (TZ)
Sofie Birch (DK)
Son Rompe Pera (MX)
Sorry (UK)
Sugar (DK)
Temp-Illusion (IR)
Uniform (US)
Wargasm (UK)
Yunè Pinku (INT)
Zuli (EG)


Today, Roskilde Festival has announced the following 42 Art & Activism acts:


Aches (IE)
Alex/Alexandra Jönsson (DK)
Angel Wei (DK) Eliyah Mesayer (IL) and Stine Victoria (DK)
Aram Ostadian-Binai (DK/IR)
Artem (DK)
Babak Vakili (IR)
Barbora Surá (CZ)
Betty Nansen (DK)
CERN & Niels Bohr Instituttet (CH/DK)
Claudia Comte (CH)
De Som Bär (DK/SE)
Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse (DK)
Felix Thorsen Katzenelson (DK)
Final Planet (DK)
Folkets Hus Absalon (DK)
Glenn Bech (DK)
Global Kidz & World Dance Academy (DK)
Gry Stokkendal Dalgas (DK)
Havhøst (DK)
Herlige Svend (DK)
Jalal Arabi (DK)
Katharina Grosse (DE)
Kathrine Skibsted (DK)
Lasse Dein (DK)
Maria Bülow (DK)
Maria Nørholm Ramouk (DK/MA)
Matt Orlando (US)
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (DK)
Mikkel Lind Sorgenfrey (DK)
Ocean Lab (DK)
Oxfam Danmark (DK)
Rapolitics (DK)
Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen (DK)
Sabitha Söderholm (IN/DK)
Sadaf Hayat (INT)
Snorre Elvin (DK)
Sóley Ragnarsdóttir (DK/IS)
Tore Hallas (DK)
Trine Struwe (DK)
Turning Tables Danmark (DK)


Find presentations and see the full line-up at


Roskilde Festival 2023 takes place 24 June - 1 July.


Since 1971, Roskilde Festival has brought together generations of young people around music, art and community. Roskilde Festival is organised by the Roskilde Festival Charity Society and is created by 30,000 volunteers. All profits from the festival are donated to humanitarian, non-profit and cultural work for the benefit of especially children and young people. Over the years, Roskilde Festival has generated approximately EUR 55 million for charity.

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See you at Roskilde Festival 24 June - 1 July 2023.