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March 21, 2018

CFW Postcard - your personal guide to Copenhagen


Copenhagen Fashion Week has launched the Copenhagen guide CFW Postcard. The guide gathers Copenhagen's best restaurants, shops, cafés and attractions on one platform and is  available on the CFW app.


Wondering where to get that one crispy and layered croissant that will split like glass between your teeth? Or what about the dress making your fashionista heart skip a beat? Maybe you want to know where to bring your date for an unforgettable evening? 


It can be hard to choose from the many possibilities Copenhagen has to offer.


Copenhagen Fashion Week just launched CFW Postcard - a city guide on the CFW app that will be updated with daily recommendations on restaurants, unique shopping opportunities, cosy cafés and breathtaking attractions, all located in our favorite capital, Copenhagen.


With the CFW Postcard on the CFW app Copenhagen Fashion Week offers a convenient and accessible tool that allows the users to stay updated. With the personal and detailed story in mind, each guide is written with the purpose of giving a profound and authentic feel of the specific restaurant, café etc. in question.


The users of the CFW Postcard can also look forward to insider guides from hip Copenhageners sharing their thoughts and favorite spots in the Danish capital.


With the CFW Postcard, Copenhagen Fashion Week wishes to gather the city's many attractions on  one platform, offering a convenient tool that can be used on the go. All the guides are in English and are also aimed at tourists wishing to get an authentic and tasteful bite of Copenhagen.


The CFW Postcard is available via the CFW app.


The app is free and can be downloaded via iTunes HERE and Google Play HERE.

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Do you and your company want to be included in the CFW Postcard guide?

Or do you have any questions?


Feel free to contact us: 


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