495 new students at the Faculty of Science

Newsletter 3 September 2018

Dear Staff


The new study year has begun, and once again the auditoriums and laboratories are buzzing with activity. Just as they should be.


In this connection, I'd like to recount an anecdote from the Faro Isles where, as some of you may know, I grew up. From time to time I encountered captains of ships, who were of course often strong, charismatic and had quite different personalities. But they all had one thing in common: they were always restless when their ships were in harbour - whereas most people would think that's when they could finally relax. Why were they restless? Because a trawler or cutter that's in harbour is not catching fish. It isn't fulfilling its purpose. Nor is it earning any money.


In the same way, a university without students is meaningless. The task of a university is to provide research-based education. But of course, having said that, we all need to have a summer vacation and time to plan next year's teaching.


As always, it was a great experience for me to welcome our new students. Nearly 500 new bachelor students, and around 50 more than last year. The students were nervous and excited about what university life would bring. I promised them lots of academic enthusiasm - and also blood, sweat and tears. Just as a university should do.


Give our new students a warm welcome, and fire them with your academic enthusiasm!


Martin Zachariasen, Dean 


495 new students, 60 tutors, 1 dean and 15 bath ducks


See pictures from "Studiestart"


Grants and names


Martin Røssel Larsen, Professor, BMB, has received 1.894.419 DKK from Medimmune and DDA for a postdoc.


Rojin Kianian, IMADA, has defended his PhD thesis Algorithmic Cheminformatics Applied to Synthesis Planning and Mass Spectrometry.


Paulo Vinícius Sanches Daltro De Carvalho, IMADA, has defended his PhD thesis Experimental Bioinformatics Methods for Comparative Gene Expression Analysis.


Jens Kaad, IMADA, has been hired as Associate Professor.


Nemanja Kaloper, Professor at University of California, Davis, has been appointed "honorary professor" at FKF, SDU. His field is theoretical cosmology.



Events in September


What we can learn from ancient genomics?
Who: Professor Eske Willerslev
When: 5. September 12.15 - 13.15
Where: SDU, O100


CP³ Journal Club
Who: Alessandro Agugliaro (Florence University)
When: Friday, September 7 at 12:00
Where: The CP³ meeting room


Regnvandsbassiner: Funktion og naturværdi
Who: Foredrag ved Sara Egemose, PhD, Lektor, Biologisk Institut, SDU 
When: 11. september kl. 19-21
Where: SDU, U46


Mutanter iblandt os
Who: Foredrag ved Lasse Folkersen, MSc, PhD, Forsker, Institut for biologisk psykiatri - Sankt Hans Hospital 
When: 13. september kl. 19-21
Where: SDU, U46


TPM Lecture: Operator algebras and vertex operator algebras in conformal field theory
Who: Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (University of Tokyo)
When: Monday, September 17, 2018 at 14:15
Where: The CP³ meeting room


Who: Frank Steffen (MPI-Munich)
When: Monday, September 24 at 14:15
Where: The CP³ meeting room


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