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Tips for Wellness at Home from Sustainable and Wellness Interior Designer and Expert, Laurence Carr


With increasing popularity in the design scene, regenerative interior design is one of the most effective tools an individual can put into practice when striving toward wellness and overall life betterment.


Laurence Carr specializes in a regenerative approach to luxury residential, retail, and hospitality environments - combining ancient practices and modern technology with her signature contemporary aesthetic to create sustainable, wellness-enhancing spaces.


Laurence shares tips that every person can do to bring this approach into their spaces, bringing balance and wellness at the center of your home!

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  • For those who wish to start small, Laurence suggests starting to incorporate colors connected to positive moods into their design schemes, such as olive greens, purples, and blues. Laurence blends these hues into projects using furniture, wall colors, and accent pieces. 
  • Every home should have a spot marked for meditation or general relaxation. However, this space shouldn't be chosen arbitrarily. When searching for that perfect spot, Laurence advises clients to spend some time alone in the home, taking a quiet moment in each room. Naturally, the body will relax in certain spaces, which is how you can narrow your search for the perfect sanctuary. Once located, mark it off with tape, then mindfully fill it with meaningful items.
  • Filter indoor air with plants. Biophilia-or the act of bringing plants into the home to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. A couple indoor plants known for their superior air-cleansing abilities are bamboo palm and peace lilies. These purification powerhouses are as elegant as they are effective. Bamboo palm is known for its ability to remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air, and peace lilies also help to absorb toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. Mass cane plant, with its vibrant foliage ranging from emerald green to near-fluorescent yellow, is another sophisticated formaldehyde-fighting contender.
  • Smart home technology is another fantastic way to combat indoor pollutants and care for your health. Many people still associate smart tech with novel luxury, but if used the right way, it can do wonders for both your physical and emotional health. One of Laurence's favorite things to advise high-anxiety clients to do is turn up the ambient temperature in their home to about 70 degrees, lower the lighting, and start playing some meditative music about 30 minutes before they enter. This guarantees entry into a serene, spa-like atmosphere. 
  • In Feng Shui office design, you must consider whether your back is to a door, window, or overall office traffic. If it is the latter, your energy will tend to get weak and will leave you feeling insecure. You will want to make adjustments to create a strong Feng Shui backing. This can be done in numerous ways, from placing a row of lush plants behind your seating area to repositioning your office chair so you have the wall at your back.

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About Laurence Carr

Laurence Carr is the CEO and Creative Director of her award-winning NYC-based design studio, Laurence Carr, Inc, specializing in wellness and sustainability-centric interior and lifestyle design for high-end residential and hospitality environments. Laurence is best known for her signature style: blending wellbeing principles and ancient techniques with contemporary design and smart technology. Laurence is the executive producer and host of her EarthXTV original series, Chez Laurence.  She is also a proud ambassador for the Sustainable Furnishings Council, sits on the advisory board for Thinking Huts, and is an outspoken advocate for advancing circularity in design. 


She has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Thrive Global, Interior Design, Business of Home, LUXE Interiors Design, Design Milk, and more. Connect with Laurence on Instagram, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook.


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