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Design House Stockholm

appoints new Design and Product development Director 


Margot Barolo appointed Design and Product development
Director at Design House Stockholm


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"It matters what, how and why, by whom and for whom something is designed"


This year Design House Stockholm turns 30 years and since November 2021 the founder and owner Anders Färdig has passed on the baton as CEO to Daniel Hansson. The succession is now complemented with the appointment of Margot Barolo as Design and Product Development Director for the company. Margot Barolo, a seasoned designer with a track record from Beckmans Design school, and the Swedish university of arts, crafts, and design - Konstfack, has for more than 20 years run her own studio and production, and collaborated with some of the most renowned Swedish companies. Margot Barolo's design has received many awards for products that also have become commercially successful. In her recent role as Head of program and lecturer at Beckmans School of design, and throughout her entire professional career, Barolo has been highly involved in topics related to the role of the designer and production.


"I am really glad that we strengthen Design House Stockholm with the appointment of Margot. With her background she will add an important part to our team in our continued growth together with all existing and future designers that we collaborate with. Margot represents both the artistic side and the hands-on production and has always balanced theory with function. Margot's knowledge and genuine interest in production of design together with the role of the designer in collaboration with the industry and its different methods is important for our plans ahead", says Daniel Hansson, CEO Design House Stockholm.


"This is somewhat a dream role in a dream company that has paved its own path. Design House Stockholm has always stood out as a producer and brand in a way that I have perceived as subtle yet important. It has become a role model for the industry with its publishing house business model that builds on the core values of the design and the close collaboration between designer, product developer and manufacturer. It matters what, how and why, by whom and for whom something is designed. With the right intentions and methods, it becomes magic", says Margot Barolo.


Most recently Margot Barolo was recognized for her artistic research project "the Kinship method", that brings together much of her view on design methods and the possibilities for the designer to change its role and the products they make. The project was supported by Beckmans school of design and has been awarded the Culture Prize of Stockholm city.


Design House Stockholm is built upon long lasting relations with manufacturers with a constant development to reach ambitious goals. "We are in a continuous progress with the mindset of an ongoing process to develop our design to reach the long-lasting production that we need. It's all bout how we do it together", says Daniel Hansson, CEO Design House Stockholm.


Margot Barolo will enter as Design and Product development Director in October 2022.




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