New furniture classic from by KlipKlap

June 2018


KK Lounge Chair & Pouffe 


The armchair that would rather be seen from the back


The armchair is a classic with a very special place in Danish furniture tradition. With the KK Lounge Chair, by KlipKlap is securing a place in history with an unusually harmonic version.


KK Lounge Chair in solid oak and oak veneer. From EUR 1.392 


The perfect armchair gives shelter and tranquillity and embraces the whole body when you delve down into the world of the book you are reading. KK Lounge Chair is by KlipKlap's interpretation of the reading corner's well-known armchair and it is precisely such a chair. Designer Charlotte Høncke has updated the classic lounge chair with a raw honesty in regard to materials and joints, which make the chair beautiful from all sides - and for a study in true furniture craftsmanship.


And it is precisely the designer's ambition that the armchair rises up from the floor - away from the space in the reading corner so all the stunning details can be contemplated:


"I am a nerd as far as stitching goes. On the KK Lounge Chair we have chosen a double fancy stitch, which emphasises the decadence of the chair. And then the wood is not just oak. Every piece of wood for each individual chair is carefully selected with a very distinct structure so the chair has an added "wow" effect. And this makes the chair even more stunning from the back. The idea is that it should not be placed against a wall at all," says Charlotte Høncke.


The KK Lounge Chair is created to form its own little private space, which embraces the body and screens off the rest of the world with its organic, curved oak shell which makes up the backrest of the chair. The supplied lower back cushion ensures first-rate comfort.


A pouffe is available in the same series, which in a pinch provides an extra seat. It is, of course, the perfect companion to the KK Lounge Chair when you need to put your feet up.


KK Lounge Chair

Design: Charlotte Høncke
Materials: FSC certified oak. 
Manufactured in Europe

KK Lounge Chair

From EUR 1.392


KK Pouffe

From EUR 678


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Exclusive designer furniture that has a little bit more than expected



by KlipKlap was established by Pia Lauritsen in 2011 with a vision to create multi-functional furniture in a design and in materials that can be used for many years. The company in Aarhus creates furniture that keeps up with the times and with you.

by KlipKlap's original folding mattress from 2011 follows you from the crawling stage to the teenage bedroom and onwards to the guest room. In the same way, your daybed can change character and purpose by moving cushions and pillows around and changing colour so it can be used exactly where it makes sense right now.

by KlipKlap's furniture must pamper the eye, challenge and surprise, provide the option for renewal and make room for your unique personality. Therefore, the company's aspiration is that all their designs have a little bit more than you expect.


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