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Laurence Carr Inc x Confederation of Danish Industry presents 

"Circularity in Action" during Maison&Objet Paris in January 2023


Circularity in Action brings Danish furnishing brands and their innovative embrace of circular design practices into the spotlight with this immersive, artful, and educational activation with scenography by designer and Maison & Objet ambassador Laurence Carr of Laurence Carr Inc.


Circularity in Action will run 19-23 January 2023 at Maison & Objet Paris


This project is organized by Laurence Carr Inc and the Confederation of Danish Industry, in partnership with Creative Industries of Denmark, Visit Denmark, and VOCAST, funded by the Trade Council of Denmark and the European Union, and sponsored by Atelier TARKETT.


Upon entry into this immersive exhibit, with floor and wall coverings by Tarkett, visitors will navigate past real examples of waste and byproducts and learn about how they are being re-imagined into the materials of the future, as well as details on why the circular movement is so crucial for our environment. Finally, guests will enter the main hall, where they will experience curated living spaces featuring circular furnishings, from sustainable Danish brands. 

TEN TABLE ROUND_¢150_smoked oak with lamp_II12.jpg

Ten round table by DK3


For the display in the main area, Carr was inspired by modern Danish design from the 1960's. "Contemporary Danish furniture designers focused on using natural light and creating space. A common theme among Danish design items - particularly those created in the 1950's - is a unique "floating" effect. This creates an illusion in which furniture pieces often appear weightless, almost as if they are hovering off of the ground. I chose soft, gentle colors, white walls, and a light, airy atmosphere to pay homage to this time-honored tradition and style."


Featured brands include Arboretum Design, August Sandgren, dk3, Matias Moellenbach, Mossroom, Motarasu, NORR11 International, Nordlux, and Skovshoved Møbelfabrik & Co, to name a few.

The Deskset I.jpg

The Deskset by August Sandgren


From darkness to light, degradation to regeneration, and waste to wonder... we are all interconnected. The built environment generates nearly 50% of annual global CO2 emissions. We must become part of a solution that preserves the Earth and our legacy. This activation is an educational and evocative path toward the solutions that circular design offers.


This is Circularity in Action.

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